Nnamdi Kanu has never been Homeless – Chief Chekwas Okorie Blasted

Nnamdi Kanu has never been Homeless- Chief Chekwas Okorie Blasted

After a series of propaganda on the leader of the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA Nnamdi Kanu saying that he never had a home in UK, Chief Chekwas Okorie responded on the allegations after mazi Nnamdi Kanu called his name as a partiner back then in APGA


I have deliberately restrained myself from commenting on issues around Nnamdi Kanu for many reasons but let me confirm that Nnamdi Kanu and l have come a long way.

He has never been homeless for as long as I have known him. I approved his appointment as the UK Chairman of APGA in 2002. He was not homeless then. He was passionate about APGA and compassionate about Igbo. He stood by his convictions about the original vision of APGA even as the leadership crisis in APGA raged on.

He indeed contributed to the success of the 2003 political success of the Party in Nigeria. On November 2nd 2011, my wife and I were hosted at his residence in the UK in collaboration with the UK Chapter of APGA. His wife Uchechi was most hospitable. In 2012 he moved on with Radio Biafra while I moved on with other associates to establish UPP.

We have never joined issues ever in spite of the attempts by the uninformed to instigate one. This brief response is simply to confirm that Nnamdi Kanu has never been homeless and that we have come a long way.

~Chief Chekwas Okorie


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