BREAKING NEWS: 3-story building collapse in Aba 2 missing and 1 injured: check video and images

According to eyes witness it was about 5pm today (Tue,Feb,2019) Along Old express road Aba


when the house collapse, About 7 people where in the building but 4people was able to escape, 1 injured and 2 missing..


A resident in the building who was able to escape with two children,

said she came back from market (Ariaria international market)


when her two kids was back also from school when she notice the building was shaking, she quickly sent them down,


She added, I was able to call on mine neighbor who was sleeping inside, I knock and knocked on his door but nobody came out and I have no other choice then to run down before the building collapsed, 


Also the other man who is also inside the building.. according to our correspondent (niztunez),

they young man who is from akwa ibom state

came back from his driving work when the building was about to fall he brought out his kids and wive then went back to bring out some of his properties when the house collapsed when he was still inside…

according to them calling his number, he is still picking his calls telling them to help him out that he is still alive..


the people around that area is calling on the Governor of Abia state to help them out with this young man who is still alive

also to the Government of the country to come and help..

they added not only the building, the area is not good at all in times of Road and development…




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