The 6 Types Of Website Traffic And How To Get Them

The major reason for inbound marketing is get potential clients to come to you, as opposed to having your team contact them directly by means of cold calling, trade shows, and so on. This is accomplished by attracting in these 6 unique types of website traffic:

#1: Organic Traffic

This is the bread and butter of SEO (search engine optimization). Organic traffic is any traffic that lands on your site through a phrase or keyword searching on a search. And then clicking on a URL (link) that returns back to your website.
In order to get type of website traffic, you should optimize your site for industry and product-specific keywords that you know your potential clients will search. Organic traffic is the best of any types of website traffic to gain.

#2: Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is comprised of web users who land on your site by inputting your URL into a web browser directly. Have you’ve at any point typed a website into a web browser (i.e. Akeenteh, Google), well done, you are a part of the direct traffic for that for that site.

The best way to attract more direct traffic to your site is to make sure that many people as possible know about your website. Each email, writing, direct mail piece, and so on and so forth that you send out ought to contain your site’s URL.

#3: Paid Traffic

Paid traffic refers to readers or visitors who enter your site through paid web advertising. Google AdWords is the most regularly used platform for pay-per-click campaigns (PPC). However there are likewise platforms on Yahoo, Facebook, Bing and different other social media sites.

While PPC relies hugely on how much you invest, smart pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) will attract the right kind of website traffic for less money and faster than blindly throwing cash into paid search campaigns.

#4: Email Marketing Traffic

This is one the superb types of website traffic: Email marketing traffic is, as its name states, traffic that lands on your site through via links contained in the marketing emails that you send out to clients. Email marketing has its very own set of best practices (topic for another day).

#5: Social Media Traffic

Social media traffic originates from your presence on any of the major social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and so on. Social traffic will in general start off slowly. However you will find that is has a snowballing impact as you gain more followers.

There truly is just one golden rule for the social media marketing strategy: know your follower/audience. Social media is your company’s chance to humanize itself.

#6: Referral Traffic

Referral traffic depends after having an outstanding link building strategy. Referral traffic is measured by visitors who arrive on your site through external links clicked from other sites.
Suppose you partner with a company who puts your logo on their site. If that logo links back to your blog or website site and a user clicks on it, you have simply gained a bit of referral traffic.

This can likewise be acquired if a company sources some of content you have created (i.e. a blog post, infographic, study, video, and so on.) by linking back to your site.

Other than organic traffic, this is most likely the best of any types of website traffic to gain.
By making shareable content, you can gain loads of backlinks. And then subsequently referral traffic back to your site.



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