The Reason Why The Himba People In Namibia Don’t Take Baths

The Reason Why The Himba People In Namibia Don’t Take Baths

Namibia is a wonderful nation that sits in the southern piece of Africa. The nation has a lovely scene that is spotted with grand mountains, the Fish River Canyon, gold-grass fields of the Kalahari and untamed life. These make Namibia a fascinating vacationer goal.

Nonetheless, the curious custom of the Himba clan in Namibia has conveyed her to the universal spotlight, particularly as of late.

The Himba individuals, likewise viewed as the Omuhimba or Ovahimba individuals, live in northern piece of Namibia, particularly in the Kunene district. Their numbers are sufficiently huge to shape a city-state.

What makes this clan so prevalent needs to do with their method for living, garments, economy, and intriguing traditions. One of the grapevines is that they offer visitors sex for nothing and another point is that they enhanced each infant with dot neckbands. Be that as it may, there are other fascinating actualities about them.

Himba clan. Photograph: Imgur

Much the same as the Japanese who lived in confinement for quite a bit of their history under the Tokugawa Shogunate, the Himba individuals basically live in detachment and are careful about outer contacts. Despite the fact that they take part in collaboration with neighboring clans; they would oppose any type of pollution to their convictions and culture. This is very inquisitive in an atomic age.

The Himba individuals are overwhelmingly ranchers. They raise distinctive types of animals particularly goats, steers, sheep, and so forth. The ladies are to a great extent engrossed with gathering kindling, sourcing for new water for utilization, cooking and serving suppers and taking part in different types of artisanship.

Some of them are socially disposed and religious, venerating the divine forces of their precursors. The Himba individuals had confidence in polygamy and a significant number of their young ladies offered at an early age. This isn’t exceptional to them as most customary African clans still practice this custom.

It isn’t the situation anyway that they don’t shower regardless of whether it’s not with water. One reason why the Himba individuals don’t shower with water is a direct result of their brutal climatic conditions as they live in a standout amongst the most outrageous situations on earth. The cruel desert atmosphere and the inaccessibility of consumable water keep them from having a ‘typical’ water shower. However, they looked to a great degree beautiful with their customary garments, some of which uncovered their bodies particularly the ladies.

Himba clan. Photograph: Matador Network

Their absence of washing, be that as it may, has not come about into absence of individual cleanliness as they apply red ochre on their skin and share in a day by day smoke shower keeping in mind the end goal to keep up their cleanliness.

Reuben Coussement portrayed this procedure, “they will put some seething charcoal into a little bowl of herbs (for the most part leaves and little branches of Commiphora trees) and sit tight for the smoke to climb. From there on, they will bow over the smoking dish and because of the warmth, they will begin sweating. For a full body wash, they cover themselves with a sweeping so the smoke gets caught underneath the texture.”

In these, be that as it may, the Himba individuals are one of the hottest clans in Africa and are gracious to outsiders and guests alike. They, in any case, grimace at anything that will undermine their social qualities and customs. Their dissatisfactions at a few mediations by the Namibian government, administrations of Norway and Iceland, among others are confirmation of this reality.


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